Friday, February 11, 2011

Wedding Functions

Hey came back after a short break from wedding at hometown… It was great wedding function and I wish best luck to both of them! I saw some new things while function was on the way; about the new tradition implemented, which was not seen before few years! Anyhow what makes me happy is completing a function with pure love in heart of each person that attended to bless new married couple… 

Let us share few things which are needed for a Wedding Planning. I just searched for it and found a check list with scheduler from 1 Year to Wedding Day. It is amazing that we will not have to make a separate list.

I have lots of things to share for online updates but I need to be well managed before starting updates for iphone apps & games from iTunes. Just for a while I was feeling a bit stress but when I started writing it all disappeared! So will see you with new posts for latest online updates soon…

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