Monday, June 20, 2011

10 Amazing And Unique Places On Earth

There are lots of natural and science associated places on the earth that you have never seen or heard. If you consider knowledge as the world’s best purifier then this Blog is gift for you. Like Seven Wonders of the World, these unique places definitely come out your Wow or Oh my god words.

Guaira Falls - Brazil-Paraguay border
It was situated on the Parana River along the border linking Brazil & Paraguay. Well known for its flow rate - 1,750,000 cubic feet of water fell over each second on average.

Iceberg B-15 - Antarctica
It was one of the world's biggest recorded icebergs that covers area of 3,100 km², making it bigger than the island of Jamaica. The mass was expected around 3 billion tones.

Don Juan Pond - Antarctica
This place is famous for the saltiest body of water in the world. However it is a small lake but it is 18 times saltier than sea water.

Rotorua - New Zealand
Meet the strange city that is famous for its geothermal activity, boiling mud pools and Pohutu Geyser as well as its unique “rotten eggs” aroma.

83-42 - Greenland
This place is assumed to be the northernmost permanent point of land on earth which is tiny but is about 400 miles from the North Pole.

Socotra - Republic of Yemen
It is one of the most alien-looking places on the Earth that very isolated with a harsh, arid climate and thus a third of its plants. Socotra is measured the most biodiverse place in the Arabian Sea.

The Great Dune of Pyla - France
The Great Dune of Pyla  is 3km long, 500m wide and 100m high. It is very vertical on the side facing the forest and eminent for being a paragliding site.

Meteor Crater - USA
Meteor Crater is located in Arizona, a meteorite impact crater with just about 69 km east of Flagstaff. Scientists refer to the crater as Barringer Crater in honor of Daniel Barringer. It was formed about 50,000 years ago.

Mount Roraima - Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana
Meet a pretty remarkable place of the world which is a tabletop mountain with upright 400-metre high cliffs on all sides. It creates some of the highest waterfalls in the world over the sides and on the top of the mountain it rains just about every day.

The Door To Hell - Turkmenistan
It is a 70 meter broad crater in Turkmenistan, situated near the small town of Darvaz. It has been burning constantly for 35 years and now rich in natural gas.

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