Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lord's Media Centre - J.P. Morgan Media Centre

Every cricket fan knows Lord’s - The home of cricket very well. Lord's Cricket Ground is well known for its balcony and media centre. Both are its main attraction. You already saw players in balcony during match but you haven’t further idea about Lord’s Media Centre. Here I am going to give little information about J.P. Morgan Media Centre. It was designed by Future Systems and cost about £5 million. It was fitted-out in 2 boatyards and utilizes boat-building technology.

- Won the prestigious architectural award
- Perfect for dinners, lunches and receptions
- Perfect venue to add prestige & cachet to any event
- Reception: 100 people
- Boardrooms: 14
- Tiered classroom: 70
- Lunch/Dinner: 50

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