Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hollywood's Highest Paid Actors

If you love Hollywood movies then you should know how much your favorite hero or heroine earns. Different Actor has own charge of film and some has unbelievable. Do you know who take highest money for one film? Here, you will know what the money matters and who earn how much. As per Forbes magazine’s list, below are the Hollywood's Highest Paid actors in 2010. Get ready for surprises!

1) Leonardo DiCaprio
Earned a whopping $77 million in 2010 from the success of his films Inception & Shutter Island

2) Johnny Depp
Earned $50 million after 2010's 2nd biggest box office success Alice In Wonderland

3) Adam Sandler
Earned estimated $40 million after his most recent film Grown Ups

4) Will Smith

5) Tom Hanks

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