Thursday, October 20, 2011

Finger Slayer Seasons – Halloween iPhone Game: Reaction Time Speed Test

As a festive gift, RV AppStudios presented Finger Slayer Seasons - Halloween for the all worldwide fans of finger slayer. Enjoy your Halloween with Finger Slayer’s Halloween season on your iPhone or iPod touch that brings you Mr.Pumpkin and the Zombie Pumpkin with a complete new gameplay. Pumpkin needs your help here, so get ready to test your best reaction time by keeping all senses alive. Your main aim in this game is to save the pumpkin from the falling blades by dragging your finger left or right.

Explore 5 fun Halloween modes with tremendous Halloween scenes. Hey guys, you can also customize your pumpkin’s costume, but for that earn maximum coins. All-in-all this game is new twist of all-over hit Finger Slayer!

Specialties of Different Modes:
- Classic Mode: New Halloween them and simple slide on 3, 2, 1 & Go
- Survival Mode: Twist of 3 blades, be ready anyone will fall
- Rapid Force Mode: 3 blades but multiple fall all at once
- Transformer Mode: Twist of pumpkin size
- Killer Mode: Smash the Zombie Pumpkins under the blade, coins includes

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