Friday, April 20, 2012

Nook GameBundle – 4 in 1 Game Bundle For Nook

**Phenomenal Game Bundle for Nook Color & Nook Tablet**

From kids to adult, one stop Game Bundle for your whole family! Try out your luck & different skills thru these bundle of games, which are capable to deliver hours of fun & challenges. 
- - -Games Within Bundle - - -
2) Tic Tac Toe
3) Box Building
4) Chain Explosion

::: Take A Look, How To Play & What To Do:::

Simple yet challenging & funny Memory Match Game. Timings & your Short-term memory are essentials to win it. Simply, tap & select an object and then open another object to match. Selection of game play for Easy, Medium & Hard.
Powers To Twist The Game:
- Torch Power, First Match Me, Skull Power, Bad Zombie Power

* Tic Tac Toe *
Paper & Pencil Game now with Smooth Touch Controls & Big Nought & Cross. Play against device in 1 player or against friends or family in 2 players mode.

* Doodle Tower *
In time limit, make the stack on the floor with balance using appropriate shapes. Few shapes & obstacles are ready to move the balance of your Box Building, so smartly avoid them. Stack up to Top Red Line and wait for winning 3, 2, 1....

* Chain Explosion *
Play amazing Chain Explosion in Chemistry designed background. Balls are moving at unfixed directions and you have to smartly explode them as per the goal given. Chain reaction will enthrall you and the most important, just one tap to start ball explosion, so use smartness and accuracy for the placement of ball. Thrill will increase as game progress with upraised goals.

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