Thursday, June 28, 2012

Penalty Shootout Portugal vs Spain Euro 2012 Semi Final Summary

Both Portugal and Spain played their best game in semi final of UEFA Euro 2012 and that's why at 90 minutes it was NIL for both side. Then, ET (Extra Time) of 30 minutes also gone in vain for both sides, and then finally a true skilled drama was started - Penalty Shootout. For both team 1st shoot was missed, then Spain got the command by their best players. Portugal also hit two shoot successfully but one miss they have to pay and the tragedy was that Ronaldo's wait for last shoot remained a true wait as Spanish guy finished with one goal lead. 4-2 win on Penalties!

Spain 1            Xabi Alonso        Saved
Portugal 1        Moutinho            Saved
Spain PK 2       Andres Iniesta    Goal
Portugal 2        Pepe                  Goal
Spain 3            Gerard Pique     Goal
Portugal 3        Nani                   Goal
Spain 4            Ramos               Goal
Portugal 4        Bruno Alves       Saved
Spain 5            Fabregas           Goal

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