Friday, July 27, 2012

My Photo Vault - Hide My Pics for Android

*** Secure your personal photos!!! ***

My Photo Vault hides your private photos/images. The app is the best way to store all your private photos away from your friends & family. Now there is no need to worry about your personla pictures, when someone pick-up your phone in your absence. All your images are kept private with the help of this application. My Photo Vault for Android is the Best Photo Safe App available Android Market.

Major Features::
- Log for successful logins, failed logins, pin change, etc.
- Captures photo of intruder, if login fails 4 times
- Intruder stopper shows fake photos
- Photos are password protected
- Create unlimited media folders
- Multiple photo import/export
- Share photos on Facebook
- Move/copy photos and multiple options
- Facility to recover passcode
- Photo management & file transfer utility

My Photo Vault - Hide My Pics


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  2. Nice Photo Vault App this app help me to hide my private images and videos. I love this App