Thursday, October 11, 2012

Best Phone Security - Windows Phone Security App

Do you know what actually happens when you're in shower, sleeping or just away from your Phone?? Best Phone Security is an high-quality application that triggers an alarm & capture the location of intruder entering wrong password to access your Phone. Simply activate the alarm and catch those sneaky friends & family members red handed while they access your phone, when you're away! The best part of this application is that when an intruder enter a wrong password, his/her location will be stored in your phone through which you can get known when and where your phone was being unknowingly accessed.

Features of Best Phone Security App:
- 2 types Of lock screen support: Passcode & Pattern
- App sound on/off
- View intruders location
- Alarm rings in background
- 4 different security alarm sounds
- Record & set alarm sounds
- Loud security alarm

Best Phone Security for Windows Phone


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