Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tiny Ball vs. Evil Devil HD - Best Physics Game for iPad

Guess what Guys, finally the one of the best physics game Tiny Ball vs. Evil Devil is available on my iPad now. Of course, I enjoyed this game on my iPhone but here it‘ll be a total different experience on iPad screen and I even recommended all my friends to try it once on iPad. This game is physics based puzzle game from RV AppStudios. Put your strategy, logic and aiming skill on the test. The game story is all about tiny ball whose ship has been stolen through evil devil and now he needs your help. So help him out on iPad now…

It’s time to use your cannon and physics skills to hit down the evil devil down on the ground. Nevertheless, the balls are tiny but they have spirit & never-ending efforts to pass through the 80 awesome levels and 4 episodes using your skills of accuracy. The game has simple rule, simply but accurately hit the devil. Over 20 Achievements await your skill. Let’s taste, who wins, bad devil or your talent!! The game also features game center, awesome sound and realistic graphics. Thanks RV AppStudios to bring wonderful game and specially Finger Slayer & Tiny Ball vs. Evil Devil!!! 

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