Friday, September 23, 2011

Windows 8 - Microsoft's Upcoming Operating System

It’s time to turn your device into a new type of device with Windows 8 - Microsoft's upcoming operating system. This OS is based on HTML5 & JavaScript and designed for 16:9 screen resolutions. However, its release date has not yet been officially set but rumors are pointing towards a late 2011 early 2012 drop date. But its preview version has been released at September 13, 2011. It will enable you to display two Windows 8 applications in full screen. You can catch this innovative version on your home & business desktops, netbooks, laptops, PCs, servers, tablet and media center PCs.

Windows 8 will support platform such as IA-32, x86-64 and ARM. Furthermore, Windows 8 features real quick apps launching, tile-based start screen, scalable full-screen view of the apps, live tiles with notifications and natural switching between the running apps. Additionally, you can easily snaps & re-size all your applications to the side of the screen for multitasking. Have a full touch-optimised browsing on Windows 8! Wait and get ready to hit the web world!

x86 (32-bit): 1GHz x86 processor
x86-64 (64-bit): 1GHz x86-64 processor

Memory (RAM):
x86 (32-bit): 1 GB
x86-64 (64-bit): 2 GB

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