Thursday, January 19, 2012

Best Secret Folder for iPhone - Keep Your Entertainment Most Secret

Day by day our secrets increase, even in phone. RV AppStudios introduced Best Secret Folder to manage your secrets in iPhone and iPod touch. Keep this fully Free App in your device and secretly hide your most private videos, photos & notes from other people. In case of break in attempt, app captures intruder's photo with location. Simply create your albums and set your type of security to keep it unwatched! For All Ages as everyone has secret!!

What's Special about Best Secret Folder App:
Grid & List view
No Ads
Password Lock & Pattern Lock
Panic Close, Ability To Turn Off App When Someone Comes
Dummy Screen for unwanted people access
Activate the alarm and catch skeptical friends & family red handed
Email A Photo Of Intruders With Details
Shows Break In Attempts By Intruder Displayed On Icon
Clear Security Log History Option
Intruder stopper shows fake videos when activated
Create unlimited media folders to manage large libraries
Easily import or export your videos/photos & share via email
Move, Rename, Delete videos/photos from one folder to another
Ability to recover password if lost

iTunes link:


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  3. If I forgot password,what should I do....thanks

  4. I forgot password how to reset d password????pls help have important photos n all....thanks

  5. The best secret folder for iphone is shared o the post here. Know all about it

    Team building

  6. ho perso la password come faccio??