Monday, January 9, 2012

World's 5 Best Airports - Best Airports in the World

World is become very small with flight service and to manage the flight service, airports are necessary. Few country has very well known and rewarding Airports that will delight your mind and mood. Take a look below for world's five best airports.

Ottawa International Airport
Canada's busiest airport by airline passenger traffic & aircraft movements

Halifax International Airport
Serves Halifax & Mainland Nova Scotia well as adjacent areas in the neighboring Maritime provinces

Nagoya International Airport
Japan's third most important international airport
Known as Chubu Airport
Constructed on a man made island

Vancouver International Airport
Located on Sea Island, Canada
Non-stop flights daily to Asia, Europe, Oceania, United States & Mexico and other airports within Canada

Kuala Lumpur International Airport
One of Southeast Asia's largest airports
Malaysia's main international airport
Capable of handling 35 million passengers

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  1. Vancouver airport looks pretty cool! These airports are considered the best in the world, since they uphold very high standards in terms of giving a quality service to airline passengers. Having an ideal airport is very important, as it can help boost the tourism of a country.

    (Barton Wilson)