Friday, March 30, 2012

Nook AppBundle - 16 Apps in 1

Get worthwhile App Bundle for your NOOK Color & NOOK Tablet that will make you even more productive and you can take proud for what you have.

With New Interface, this Nook App Bundle contains fun & handy 16 apps for all ages. On stylish yet very simple to use Dashboard, you can easily manage, search & access your apps. Each app is choose smartly in this bundle to cover different areas of interests. Try it out now and experience the bundle genre first on your Nook Device!!
**What's In The Bundle**
1) Tip Calculator
2) Temp, Speed and Weight Converter
3) Password Generator
4) Currency Converter
5) US Holidays
6) Measure
7) Tax Calculator
8) Emergency Numbers
9) Water Intake
10) Margin Markup Calculator
11) BMR /BMI / Body Fat Calculator
12) Kitchen Timer
13) Birthday Calculator
14) Bell / Buzzer / Beep
15) Flash light
16) Tic Tac Toe Game

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sniper Attack iPhone Game - Kill Or Be Killed

RV AppStudios gives you an opportunity to be a Sharp Shooter thru this action iPhone target shooting game. Enemies have captured the entire city, and now you are the ultimate hope for the city. Prove your shooting skill across 10 exclusive missions that are designed at City, Airport & Sea Cruise. The Sniper Attack game providing you Thrilling Gameplay, Smooth Tilt Controls, Powerful shot ability and Powers for self defense. Take accurate aim and shoot the target enemy with very first bullet. Simple rule, Kill or be killed!

Catch Sniper Attack in App Store

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Best Music & File Downloader Pro App for iPhone - Simplest Way of Downloading on iPhone

Irritating by complex download process? Best Music & File Downloader Pro app is ready to remove your irritation. The app brings you a very simple to use Browser and the only 3 step process for quicker downloading.

Browser what you want to download – Tap & Hold link – Download will start

Having this utility app in your iPhone or iPod touch, it will be very easy for you to browse & download music, videos, books, docs and more. Popular search engines are available to choose.

What's More:
Up to 6 simultaneous downloads
Download unlimited number of music & more
WiFi Transfer
Both URL & Keyword search supports
Password Protected
Folder Mange options for your downloads   

Best Music & File Downloader Pro in App Store

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Business Alarm Clock for iPhone - Alarm Clock For Business

RV AppStudios presents first Business Alarm Clock of App Store!! It's more than usual alarm apps; it's designed for specially business purpose. It will care you of your client meeting, conference and even you will not miss to call your mom in other country. Start a perfect day with weather info and your business activity reminder.

Having this business-friendly alarm, never have to remember time zone differences, when setting up meetings. Set alarms for multiple cities to plan your personal & business relations worldwide. Further, you can add note in each reminder! If you don't want to disturb your spouse & kids, then use Vibration Alarm.

More Features:
Front Camera Flashlight, Shake On/Off
Portrait or Landscape Display
Adjustable Alarm Volume
Set Multiple Alarms
Play Ringtone or Song As Alarm
Everyday & Weekday Only Alarm Setting
Multiple Alarm Snooze Options

::Business Alarm Clock on iTunes::

James Cameron's Titanic 3D - Witness Tragic Sinking in 3D

James Cameron welcomes you to Titanic 3D. The 3D Return of Titanic worldwide re-released on April 6, 2012. Book your ticket in nearest IMAX. Ready to enjoy the forever love story & adventure through this 3D Titanic Voyage. Experience Titanic like never before, this will be the great opportunity for all Titanic fans worldwide or for them who missed original Titanic in theater or kids who are going to just join their first journey on Titanic.


Monday, March 19, 2012

iPhone Wave Alarm - Motion Control Alarm Clock for iPhone

Meet the advanced alarm of App Store! Wave Alarm - Motion Control Alarm Clock app brought to you extraordinary alarm to say you peace of mind Good Morning. It has all the general features that one usual alarm app contains, but that's not all. Get the advantage of Motion Control & Detection on your iPhone. Having this app, you haven't need to touch your iPhone anymore to turn off the alarm or to snooze. You just need to wave your hand over the device to stop ringing alarm or to snooze. Your sleep & alarm both valuable for this advanced app!

Wave Alarm on iTunes

What's More:
Controls for Brightness
Real-time Weather Info
Modern Interface
10 Beautiful Alarms Sounds
Background alarms

Saturday, March 10, 2012

The New iPad in Apple Store - Newest iPad 3 Preorder

16 March is very near for those who want to switch from iPad 2 to new iPad or for those who want to buy their first newest iPad 3. It will available in Apple Store for both Black & White colour. It's time to upgrade your lifestyle with newest iPad 3 by Apple.

What's New in New iPad:
Upgraded processor
5MP iSight camera with 1080p video recording
Ultra-fast 4G LTE, HSPA+ and DC-HSDPA
Retina Display

Pre-order iPad 3