Friday, September 28, 2012

Fling Clowny - Fun Physics Game For Kindle Fire

Extremely fun-physics game! Just drag, hold and set the angle to release the clown and make him pass thru hoops. Does it sounds easy to you? Well it actually requires a lot of skill & strategic planning to release to clown meanwhile avoiding different obstacles.

Collect as many coins as you can and get upgrades for powers that gives added help in difficult levels. Pass through 2 different types of hoops like Burning hoops and Electric hoops to clear the levels. These hoops are of different shapes and are placed at challenging locations. Test your strategic skills and help the clown to jump thru all different hoops.

Get yourself entertained with this best circus-style strategy physics game on your Android device! Experience the fun of Circus & Clown today!

Fling Clowny for Kindle Fire

Bird Launcher for NOOK - Fun Challenging Game For Kids

Make your Birdie jump from one branch to branch to another and reach the his NEST (which is the ultimate goal)! Best designed for kids of age 7 and above, Bird Launcher for Nook is an interesting and fun-loaded physics-based game that provides hours of fun and excitement. Beware of different obstacles and enemies that comes in your way.

Get fully challenged in this fun physics game and experience a very unique game-play. Also collect power-ups and fruits while playing the levels to increase your Birdie's life. The game includes 3 different themes such as Golden Dusk, Evergreen Jungle and Blossom Spring. Every level has its own characteristics and is different from one other, which will make you think a lot.

- 50 challenging levels & secret stuffs to unlock
- HD graphics & Retina support
- Simple game mechanism
- Rocket and Armor Shield power-ups
- Play with different birds
- Interesting & challenging enemies
- Natural artwork & design

So guys what are you waiting for, get ready to test your skill, ability & accuracy of making perfect landing on different branches!

Bird Launcher for NOOK

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Paper by FiftyThree - Best Drawing Sketching App for iPad

Paper is where ideas begins. This app is one of the most easiest and beautiful way to create drawings on an iPad. Collect all your ideas & capture them as sketches, diagrams, illustrations, notes or drawings on your iPad device and share them with the world.

The application was designed with an interesting creativity that can be applied on the go. It does not include any fussy buttons, unwanted settings or other distractions. Paper iPad App works beautifully the way you think, just like a familiar notebook or journal. Have all of your ideas with you at one place. The Paper App meets productivity and beauty as well.

Always beautiful, just pick up a tool & instantly begin to sketch, write, draw, outline and color. The custom ink engine within the app reacts on your movements and easily optimize each tool for the process of creation. Built with Retina resolution, the iPad's brilliant display, you can experience a full 2048x1536 canvas creations as felt never before. Get ready to share your ideas instantly thru Tumblr, Twitter & Facebook or send them over email!!

Paper by FiftyThree at iTunes

Saturday, September 22, 2012

ABC Spell - Fun Way To Learn Alphabets on your iPhone

Teach your kid alphabets with new words or even add your own words and watch them learning in an unique and funny way. Experience full entertainment and high addictiveness in this Alpha Catcher game! ABC Spell - Fun Way To Learn Alphabets is a fun game for young and old! What can be a better a way to learn alphabets while having immense fun with kids/parents. The game comprise of a new Custom Word list that allow you to add words that you want your kids to learn.

Apart from fun, in this game you have make your child click the correct fish and try to identify correct letters/words and complete the sentence. There are 4 interesting and fun-loaded game modes viz. Normal, Classic, Quick & Custom added within the game to make your kid learn alphabets with great pleasure! Get endless learning options in ABC Spell. Download this fun game today itself!

ABC Spell - Fun Way To Learn at iTunes

Doodle Tower Android - Fun Challenging Strategy Game

Doodle Tower - Stack The Shapes! This is one of the most extremely fun strategy tower stacking iPhone game designed with real-physics elements. Do you have that expertise to build up a stack of objects having different shapes? Play Doodle Tower and find it out!

Just drag falling shapes on the platform and build a stackable tower. But, make sure that you don't let the stack fall down. Stack the objects in such a way that it reaches the desired height and stand without falling for 3 seconds. Game play becomes more challenging and interesting as levels grows up!

- Cute graphics
- Post achievements on Facebook or Email
- Addictive game-play
- Different colorful shapes
- Amazing sound effects
- 15 challenging & interesting levels

Tip: If you stack 2 identical blue square shape objects together, then those shapes will be removed.

Doodle Tower - Stack The Shape for Android

Friday, September 21, 2012

NinjSmash - Ninja Action Game for Kindle

Experience a very unique game-play between Ninja and his Master. The game is all about fun, focus and timing! Here, you have top help the Master to get balanced and reach his Divine Seat. There are variety of stones placed in increasing levels which you have to remove with perfect timing, so that the Guru does not fall down on the ground.

Play carefully and collect as many green bottles as possible to get more power and strength for scoring high in few of the challenging levels. Be enough quick and focused with your aiming and hit the stone. Amazing game for Kindle with interesting features like multiple powers, beautiful graphics, 30 addictive levels (more coming as said by the publisher), variety of stones to hit and the more is funny ninja & master animations.

NinjSmash for Kindle

Fling Clowny for NOOK - Fun Circus Game for Kids

Feel the fun of Circus & Clown now on your NOOK!! Fling Clowny is an fun-loaded game designed with great physics and strategies. Its simple to understand the game-play; aim perfect angle and launch your funny clown in to the air, such a way that he passes thru different hoops. Sounds simple??? Not really, every level requires lot of focus and skill to pass-out with stars... Try to avoid as many obstacles as you can in every level. Also, collect more coins to upgrade your powers for extra help and support within any difficult level.

2 Types of Hoops: Burning Hoops and Electric Hoops

For more challenge, hoops in the game are placed at different positions and are of different shapes too. The game, if played with absolute strategy, is extremely easy and fun to experience. Enjoy one of the best circus-styled strategy physics-based game on your NOOK!

A TIP to remember while playing: You can pass through the hoop from top or bottom.

Fling Clowny for NOOK Tablet

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Catch A Toy Game for Kids - Test Your Brain Memory Game

Catch A Toy is a fun puzzle memory game for kids. Designed on Android platform, Catch A Toy is very much addictive and a type of memory match game. Through this game, players can increase their short term memory and can compete with friends through best timings and difficulties.

Play very challenging levels and experience the ultimate fun in Catch A Toy Android Game. Just tap & select the object and then again open another object to match the previous object. The levels within the game are divided into 3 different grades that gets gradually difficult to pass-on. With its eye-catching backgrounds displayed within multiple levels, the game provides continuous excitement for players of all ages. Sharpen your memory with this physics-based memory game.

Catch A Toy for Android

Tic-Tac-Toe - Classic Board Game for Android

Tic Tac Toe, a classic fun board game makes you recall your old school days of playing Zero and Cross with friends on board, books, benches, etc. Now developed for Android, Tic-Tac-Toe has addictive classic game-play, which is divided into 2 different modes and pleasant themes. Test your skills with friends and family in this simple puzzle game. You can play head-to-head against computer '1-Player mode' or challenge others in '2-Player mode'. Relax & have fun playing experience.

Tic Tac Toe - Classic Fun Game for Android

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Chain Explosion for Android - Chain Reaction Puzzle Game

Extremely fun & simple chain explosion game!! Chain Explosion is where you have to create a chain to explode colorful bugs. There is one single chance given to create multiple explosions... So play with patience! Make simple explosions to pass any level. But, the more you explode the bugs, the higher will be your score. Play smartly and place your explosion in such a way that it explode more bugs. Your explosion will keep on growing when other balls comes in contact of the explosion. To pass any level, you have to at-least explode the given number of goal.

Games Features:

- Superlative physics game-play

- Interesting sound effects

- 50 amazing levels with gradual increase in difficulty

Play Chain Explosion, a fun addictive game today and enthrall yourself with challenging levels! It's an extremely simple game, but requires lot of focus and can take hours to keep you playing with immense entertainment all the time.

Chain Explosion for Android