Monday, January 31, 2011

Death Valley - Death Valley National Park

Death Valley
Just came back to routine from a holiday with friends & family. A friend told me about Death Valley National Park, he visited that place last year!

Death Valley is a desert located in Eastern California & Southwestern Nevada which is placed within the Mojave Desert. Interesting part of Death Valley is the climate; lowest, driest and hottest locations in North America. It covers more than 3.3 million acres with desert scenery, wildlife and compound geology.

As counted in one of the hottest place on earth the record temperature was 134 degrees F in 1913. There are facilities for hiking and walking, auto touring and 4x4 roads where you can feel the real adventure of desert and lonely driving in the valley of Death!! Hope to get glance of this place in short time as per the schedule of this year, but will be great experience of life…

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