Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Global Warming - The Day After Tomorrow

The Day After Tomorrow: Just watched this movie and I was a bit scared for the current climate that all the parts of world have experienced from last few months or years.  The days are passing with unbalanced climate and predictions are going reverse against the power of nature! 

It’s really dreadful when we think about the effects of Global Warming. The latest update on weather and climate seems that we are moving closer to real fact that we have heard for Global Warming. Nowadays, snowfall is the update that we are facing from many days in USA & UK. Same time Australia is facing big flood around the country. Many other parts of World has experienced a great change in climate which is the most challenging concern for all human race of this globe. 

This is a movie in my collection to get thrill and excitement to do something for saving nature. It was a best plot and cinematography to portray Ice Age in New York. Cast has done their best to give a realistic picture of climate change and problems that the world can face in future! Nice message for world to get aware before we see the entire scene in actual life!

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