Thursday, December 13, 2012

Astronaut Catcher Android Game - Fun Physics Based Space Game

The objective here in the game is to suck-in same colored astronauts by creating a rapid rotating mass of gravity!

Astronaut Catcher for Android provides an utmost fun physic space game-play for adults as well as kids. The game is completely packed with interesting elements such as colorful astronauts, coins, difficult levels and helpful power-ups! Allow your wits, skills, gravity and guts to lead your way throughout in this sky-high adventurous game.

Be quick to generarte Whirlpool & suck similar color astronauts, as you will have a target to accomplish within a given period of time. The Astronaut Catcher Game for Android SmartPhones is fully defined with laws of gravity. Be careful not to suck different colored astronauts into your created whirpool. Be the ultimate Astronaut by skillfully collecting all coins!

◆ Classic
◆ Zen
◆ Time

① Controlled reaction system
② Addicitve planetary visuals
③ Colorful graphics & Interesting sound effects
④ Share scores on Facebook, Twitter or Emails!
⑤ Get helpful powers to beat any level

✿ Guys, you can download this fun physics game today by visiting the official website of RV AppStudios...!! ✿

Astronaut Catcher for Android


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