Saturday, September 8, 2012

Best Flash Light! - LED FlashLight App for Windows Mobile

Best Flash Light is an brightest, fastest, and most feature rich flash light app available in marketplace. The application use camera flashlight to give different lightning effects & brightness! Also, you can set custom light timing to turn-off the light after few minutes (when idle). There are many ways to use a camera light such as finding things in your purse, to open doors, light up room, finding keys, reading in dark, at Hiking or outdoors, SOS during emergencies, etc.

Best Flash Light Features:
✓ Instant ON when app activates
✓ Strobe light effect with speed control
✓ Clap for light on/off
✓ Flip device on/off
✓ Multiple tap light on/off
✓ Energy Saving

Best Flash Light! For Windows Mobile

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