Tuesday, September 11, 2012

NinjSmash - Action Ninja Game for Android

Assist Master for managing and arriving at his Divine Seat within minimum time period. Come up with the Ninja and use his trusty hammer; hit away the rocks that retains Guru well-balanced on his place. Make sure to remove the rocks within quite a limited time-frame. Hammering rocks on inappropriate time could make the Guru get unbalanced, while the worse thing can be that it can easily render the Guru go down on the floor.

The main objective in the game is to hit stones, while making the Guru balanced. There is a Green bottle in the game, which is special and allows you to get divine powers. Try to fill up this bottle; since the strengths of this may help you to continue living for a long time in later levels. It's not too simple to play as it appears to be... The game demands large amount of focus & faultless timing. This Ninja game consists different types of powers, variety of stones to knock-down, 30 addictive levels, cute Ninja & Master animations as well as amazing graphics.

NinjSmash for Android

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