Friday, September 28, 2012

Bird Launcher for NOOK - Fun Challenging Game For Kids

Make your Birdie jump from one branch to branch to another and reach the his NEST (which is the ultimate goal)! Best designed for kids of age 7 and above, Bird Launcher for Nook is an interesting and fun-loaded physics-based game that provides hours of fun and excitement. Beware of different obstacles and enemies that comes in your way.

Get fully challenged in this fun physics game and experience a very unique game-play. Also collect power-ups and fruits while playing the levels to increase your Birdie's life. The game includes 3 different themes such as Golden Dusk, Evergreen Jungle and Blossom Spring. Every level has its own characteristics and is different from one other, which will make you think a lot.

- 50 challenging levels & secret stuffs to unlock
- HD graphics & Retina support
- Simple game mechanism
- Rocket and Armor Shield power-ups
- Play with different birds
- Interesting & challenging enemies
- Natural artwork & design

So guys what are you waiting for, get ready to test your skill, ability & accuracy of making perfect landing on different branches!

Bird Launcher for NOOK

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