Friday, September 21, 2012

Fling Clowny for NOOK - Fun Circus Game for Kids

Feel the fun of Circus & Clown now on your NOOK!! Fling Clowny is an fun-loaded game designed with great physics and strategies. Its simple to understand the game-play; aim perfect angle and launch your funny clown in to the air, such a way that he passes thru different hoops. Sounds simple??? Not really, every level requires lot of focus and skill to pass-out with stars... Try to avoid as many obstacles as you can in every level. Also, collect more coins to upgrade your powers for extra help and support within any difficult level.

2 Types of Hoops: Burning Hoops and Electric Hoops

For more challenge, hoops in the game are placed at different positions and are of different shapes too. The game, if played with absolute strategy, is extremely easy and fun to experience. Enjoy one of the best circus-styled strategy physics-based game on your NOOK!

A TIP to remember while playing: You can pass through the hoop from top or bottom.

Fling Clowny for NOOK Tablet

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