Thursday, September 13, 2012

Doodle Tower - Strategy Tower Stack Game for iPhone

Doodle Tower is an extremely fun strategy tower stacking game. Designed with real physics elements, the game requires expertise to build-up a tower. Doodle Tower - Stack The Shapes is the game where you have to drag falling shapes on a platform and build-up a stackable tower by judging the best location to reach the desired height. The game-play includes multiple shapes & obstacles that make it more interesting as well as challenging! Be careful, shapes automatically fall after 5 seconds, if not moved and will not move below the bottom red line...

In Doodle Tower - Stack The Shapes iPhone game, you have a limited period of time to stack different shapes to set defined height. Through Real physics, you can see the shapes tumbling down on platform, if not properly placed. Try to stack all the colored shapes with perfect balance to complete the levels. Moreover, it features cute graphics, achievements to be posted on Facebook or Email, addictive game-play, amazing sound effects and 15 challenging levels. Doodle Tower is merely simple and provides hours of fun.

Doodle Tower - Stack The Shapes for iPhone

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